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on the texas-mexico border, the need for education. he has controversial things like putting on a gasoline tax. all of these issues, his legacy really invigorates our current debate. >> for many americans outside of texas, 1992 was perhaps their introduction to ross perot. he had been on the national stage for a while. in the late 1980's, he began speaking out about these issues that he was concerned about. we looked in our video library and our first coverage of ross perot was in 1987. here he is speaking before the american bankers association that year. >> let's look at where we are and take the rose colored glasses off. all of these people saying the fundamentals are sound, i think we have had enough doctor feelgood. i think we are tough enough to take bad news. i think it is time to look at the facts. we have a $3 trillion debt by 1988. our debt is being funded by foreign nations at this point. the greatest nation in the history of man does not have the will to past -- we continue to pass resolutions that put us deeper into debt and we have given up trying to live within our means of the
list with members of congress talking about cameras in the court. >> texas governor rick perry met with the "des moines register" editorial board at their offices in iowa on friday. the "register" has invited all of the major presidential candidates to meet with their editorial board and writers covering the race. the newspaper plans to make an endorsement in the republican presidential race on december 18, two weeks before the iowa caucuses on january 3. this is a little over an hour. >> so where did you grow up? >> new york. >> i don't hear that a lot in iowa. >> no, not too often. >> hi, governor, john carlson. >> hi, john, how are you? >> this is chris. >> chris, nice to meet you. >> this is the man who's going to do all the work. >> it's a pleasure having you here, sir. >> thank you. where did you grow up? >> wisconsin. >> yeah? >> iowa. >> iowa. >> iowa. >> iowa, iowa. >> india. >> the great state of ohio. >> so american pretty much all the way. >> carol's wisconsin and i'm kansas. >> thanks to one of our business writers. he's done 30 years writing for the houston paper, sta
gingrich, texas governor rick perry, and minnesota representative michele bachmann. the event took place in washington, d.c.. [applause] >> first of all, it is good to be back with a lot of friends. we are delighted to be here. my daughter and her husband are here. three have so many friends in this audience. -- we have so many friends in here. he said we needed fundamental change. how many of you would agree that we are far enough off the track that we need fundamental change? [applause] how many of you would agree that even if we win the election that the forces that brought this to the mess we are in will fight every day to stop us from the changes over the course of the next four years? i happen to think both of those are true. i think this election is the most important collection since 1860. that is the primary reason i am running. i think we will be a definitive choice. i believe if president obama is elected, eight years will make the country dramatically more difficult and have dramatically different problems. it is a difficult deciding point. are we in favor of radicalism? are
by the company he keeps. and there is no finer example than the first lady of texas, anita perry. she is a native of a small town, a professional nurse, has been so for 17 years and just about the best asset that the governor has. so i hand it over to the first lady of texas. anita perry. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. thank you, ruth. great to be in fort dodge, iowa, where i understand i can get a great cup of coffee at bloomers. so thank you. thank you all for joining us today. we're so excited to be here. we've had a great trip. we're going to finish strong in iowa. i want to tell you a little bit about a man i've known since i was years old. we dated for 16 years, we've been married for 29. we have our children with us today and i just want to say that there's not a lot about rick perry that i don't know. it's new year's eve. my new year's resolution is going to be i'm going to do everything i can to help get a true leader, a conservative leader elected to the presidency of the united states. [applause] he volunteered for the air force after he graduated from texas a&m. i'm so proud
will yield back. >> i recognize the gentle lady from texas for five minutes. >> i mentioned earlier of our remorse and sympathy to your family. i want to thank you for not remaining silent. and the presence of mr. bledsoe acknowledges the pain he appearances as well. i think you were present in the room that those who are representing the united states military are certainly remorseful of this normality loss of life. and combined with that, i think the virtues of our constitution and the first amendment make us a great country and make us able to answer the concerns you have expressed. but i think we have a solution here. you have heard a senator, a house member, another house member, another senator from arkansas, and a member from texas who experienced and mourned with those in fort hood going in a fast pace to resolve this. and i think because our country is new, not very new, at dealing with this issue of terrorism, our statutory laws may not have, in essence grappled with the change. anyone, as your son was and the other fallen soldier in uniform, in the action of their duty, andy and
today from texas governor rick perry. he is also in spencer, and you will be able to watch coverage of his campaign live at noon eastern time. later, rick santorum is holding a town hall in cairo. we hope to bring that to you later today as well. lots of candidates spending time in iowa before the caucuses are held january 3. just to let you know, in the senate today, for your votes are being taken up here the two- month extension of the social security payroll tax cut has passed the senate. that will go to the house possibly as soon as monday, and they will also be dealing with the government spending bill, a disaster aid bill, and a fourth bill to pay for that aid. the payroll tax cut extension includes an extension of unemployment benefits up to 59 weeks and a freeze on scheduled cuts in medicare payments to doctors. we're bringing you live coverage over on our companion network, c-span2. >> again, we are here in spencer, iowa. michele bachmann, republican presidential candidate, is expected here shortly. we will come back to the room here as soon as she is a riding, but for the
texas coordinator. the campaign spawned a lot of idealists that went into politics and made a name for themselves. for a man that lost the presidential election, he probably had more influence than many who won. >> thank you both. >> it was a flood. people were trying to keep the greenback -- keep the river back. he took off his jacket. he filled three sandbags, setting a low, went back to the plane. the night, it was him filling sandbags with his shirt off. >> they talk about the legacy of ronald reagan. they discuss the american dream and opportunities in the u.s.. the astronauts are awarded the congressional medal of honor. for the entire thanksgiving day schedule, go to c-span.org. >> he did not have a lot of romantic ideas. he sought it for what it was, a dirty business. >> the documentary filmmaker examines the life of his father. >> my father changed after he was thrown out of the agency. if you watched the film closely, he is a soldier. he took on the toughest, dirtiest assignments given to him by the presidents. when it came time for the president to ask him to lie and mis
christmas. thanks for coming out. goodbye. >> republican per the dental candidate and texas governor rick perry is on a bus tour -- republican presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry is on a bus tour. this is a restaurant in spencer, iowa, located in the northeastern part of the stay. -- of the state. this is about 35 minutes. >> thank you for coming today. it is a great pleasure to enter deuced a small candidate who comes from a small farming community. he eventually earned the right of the eagle scout. he served in the united states air force and has served the state of texas as governor for more than a decade. his home state has created more than 1 million jobs even as america lot of jobs. a former proud texan, would you welcome america's jobs governor and republican candidate for president, rick perry. [applause] >> thank youatboth very much. it is an honor to be here. i just saw the owners of this great restaurant. i had a couple of my folks who came by last night and had dinner here. they said it was the best italian food they had ever had. quite a compliment, i would s
back. >> the chairman recognizes mr. green from texas for five minutes. >> i think the witness for staying with us. i would like to explore a line of questioning that will help us better understand what fha has done and continues to do with the economy. let's start with loan origination. these fha loans -- tell us quickly please where and what facilities are most of them originated? would that be a bank? >> yes, again, fha is insurance. private lenders are actually the ones originating the fha loans. >> now most of them today are originated with banks, is this correct? >> yes, financial institutions, banks are certainly -- >> the banks do would -- banks benefit from it. they do not do it for free. there is a loan origination fee. >> certainly. >> banks then hire people who did this type of work. >> correct. >> my point is that there is a broader impact on the economy than just the person buying the home. the bank benefits. realtors benefit because realtors help persons by home. they assist with the home buying process. purveyors of products, they then it that when a home is bui
. the one last point i wanted to make. the gentleman from texas was talking about the full faith and credit clause. congressional leadership going back as far as i can remember was inclined to overuse people's faith and credit clause to shelter us. there have been arguments made by house counsel supported by the leadership of both parties. the full faith and credit clause had great purpose in the 1500's. it was to prevent king james from prosecuting members of congress who said things they did not want them to set. in addition to what we are doing, it is important for the members to be ready. we need to have a session without our leadership. people should not be prosecuted for the things they say on the floor for survival or other reasons. i keep saying full faith and credit. i meant full speech and debate. i asked for immunity for having made that mistake. >> i must tell you how much i appreciate your comments. we no longer have the necessity for protecting the list 0-- journalists from stalling. >> people argue that it immunize people from being prosecuted for taking bribes. we do not wan
home state of texas. >> give us an idea of how scalable this production is. how many barrels a day can be delivered in one of your plants that is up and running and mature? >> it is scalable based on demand. how our process, without giving away our trade secret, it is an amount that we can increase based on demand. and we have an extraction process where we can extract the oil and deliver as a biofuel, feedstock, for the industry where the omega 3's are available in the product. >> so one of these plans can deliver 100,000 girls per day? >> absolutely. >> where does it go from there? >> normally, you can build the plants on side. where you build a bomb of use plan, you can build an algea plant. you definitely have to do the studies to make sure that there will not be any adverse impact on communities and on people and in the environment in the transfer of the product. >> is your company a publicly traded company? >> note, not yet. >> so the ability forced to city financial's -- is that possible? >> not as of yet. soon. >> where does your primary financing come from? >> not from the gov
to build in amarillo, texas, on the independent line. caller: i am ambivalent about all of the candidates, including the president. i would hope that at some point in time, people would realize that we have to have limited terms. we truly must have limited terms if we are going to get this wild spending under control. people trying to buy votes all of the time. host: what do you think about the current field of republican candidates? anybody getting your support? caller: i guess if i had to pick one, somebody with a brain. newt gingrich, i suppose, somebody that has some sense. still, we need limited terms. throw all of them out and start over. all of them seem to -- everybody -- even local politicians think growth is good. continuous numerical gain of our species is not going to help. everybody wants a bigger this, a bigger city, bigger this -- bigger -- we have limited resources. limited water, limited fuel, limited other things. host: francs. we move on to the democrats' line in maryland. what do you think about the herman cain announcement? caller: he reminds me of george wallace and
in the election. last week in the state of texas, mitt romney met with george h. w. bush,. paradise valley is represented in the house by the son of the former vice president. this is just over 15 minutes. ♪ >> thank you, guys. thank you. welcome, everyone. the american dream. the american dream, you don't wake up one day and all of your dreams become reality. you have to earn less in america. that is the way our country has made such great strides, freedom, not only in freedom of speech but freedom of religion. many of us who are attracted to governor mitt romney understand that our economy is struggling. the very economy that has made us strong and kept us free must be preserved. when we look at the future of america, many of us see that this is uncertain and we have a president who is wrong on the economy. and we have so many candidates out there seeking the office of president but there is only one who has worked 25 years in the private sector who understands the free market and job creation. this is something american needs, desperately. at the time when there is uncertainty in the
an endorsement standpoint. on the republican side, senator dole of kansas, george bush, president of texas at the time, and mike huckabee of arkansas or our endorsed candidates in the past gop nominations. i think it is important to emphasize that we do not really care about whether we have chosen the candidate who ultimately wins the caucuses in iowa or becomes the eventual nominee or even takes the highest office in the land in the white house. at this time from all the candidates we have looked at, we feel this is the canada who at this moment in time is the right person to possibly leave the country. host: our guest is rick green. the first call is on the republic and ninan line. caller: i want to thank c-span for your coverage of the process. it has been pretty helpful. you are the only ones who have allowed candidates to be viewed in their environments being questioned. host: we want to thank the registered and the union leader in new hampshire. they have helped get us into what is happening in the dance of the endorsements. caller: i am in iowa. i am a caucus goer. i have a two-part
of the contenders -- i give it an a+. >> the great-grandson of hannibal hamlin called from texas. >> did you learn anything? >> yes. i learned a great deal, especially the early ones -- henry clay and james p. grant. my skepticism lasted about the first minute of the first show. i got an e-mail from jonathan martin from politico. be said you should watch it. i said, ok. there you go. this is relevant about every one that cares about politics today. every one of the contenders and everyone of the show's be as valuable insight to what is going on in the country today. >> gene is absolutely right. the calls were an enormous contributing factor. it was because x-factor. we did not know going into this that as we got further along in the schedule, these people would begin to be real. people who define themselves as young people cheering for wendell willkie are going mad for adlai stevenson. 50 years from now, will people make the same calls to c-span about the current set of people? >> this is the first time we have heard any discussion like this. we started with a discussion among these three historia
camp in texas as a finance officer. my stepfather fought in the pacific theater. he was shot down in the battle of the coral sea. he came back. tom brokaw called them the greatest generation. my fear is that my generation, if we do not act quickly with courage and conviction and wisdom, we will be known as the greatest and most selfish generation. young people, you should be angry about the position we are putting your country in and the legacy you are about to inherit of deep debt. it is not only and intellectually bankrupt policy we have been falling, but it is an immoral policy as well. we need to get a handle on the budget. the simpson-bowles commission was appointed by president obama and by the leadership of both houses and the congress of the united states. they met and came up with a proposal to cut $4 trillion through a combination of efforts. there are five components of our federal budget. one you cannot do anything with, nor should we. that is payment of interest on the debt we have already borrowed. the other four are subject to change. one is non-defense discretionar
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)

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